h2 is supported by all major browsers (http://caniuse.com/#feat=http2).
Eric Bidelman

The requests comparison is being made between polyfilled HTML imports without HTTP/2 vs. a single pre-bundled request.

Since HTML imports was brought up to address the “multiple WC depending on the same library” problem, and since this problem is inevitable, it seems full-on adoption of WC would then be blocked by the general availability of HTML imports. (And ServiceWorker is even further from general availability)

Don’t get me wrong — I think it’s good to plan for the future where we have an ideal solution for everything, and I get that Google needs devs to get on board in order to push the specs through, but it just worries me seeing WC and friends being pushed so hard — on one hand criticizing current mainstream frameworks for not being mobile-friendly enough, on the other hand not bringing enough attention to the potential downsides of adopting WC itself at this very moment.

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