COVID -19 and its impact on the construction industry

The impact of COVID-19 had adversely affected all the countries across the globe and its industries, with the construction industry being highly affected. The subsequent lockdown due to pandemic is felt across all the sectors, starting from the sole proprietor’s working on the renovation of homes to huge projects that require thousands of workers. It forced the companies to rethink the way they work and manage their operations. Construction matters more than ever, in this difficult time.

The industry had suffered in terms of shutting down its construction sites in different countries. Most open sites have been faced with fragmented supply chains and operational constraints thereby resulting in the suspension of production and distribution systems. Due to the lockdown, the workers of the industry may not be able to reach on-site and would need to comply with new on-site protocols that would eventually reduce productivity and efficiency. The medical checks are often incurred to ensure the well-being of the employees. Furthermore, the industry has started witnessing cost escalations and delays due to reduced workforce and poor supervision of work.

The closure of construction sites and a halt in businesses have led to millions of employees losing jobs in the sector, which plays an important role in the economy, especially in developing countries. The stagnant production, inefficient usage of the digitization, lower profitability, shortage of materials, and equipment have been the mainstay of the industry. Many workers in other sectors have started to operate using remote tools. However, this is not an option for construction workers whose job, by nature, involves working at diverse locations. If they want to keep working, construction workers need to be outside with others, placing themselves at high risk. This is where Yovza comes in, construction industries run on time-bound targets, these practices would save the companies up to 70% of their time and money. They provide approval workflow management tools that solve the challenges of a traditional man-made chain of command and human errors. As a company culture, Yovza encourages remote working and believes in getting the job done at all costs. The tools could simplify complex challenges faced by the industry and also improve work-life balance which we all strive for today.

Despite all the circumstances, building up of medical centres and hospitals in just a few weeks, the industry had played a crucial role in responding to the pandemic and in the recovery. Most of the companies have started applying extensive hygiene practices. Gloves are becoming essential equipment instead of an option. In addition to the concerns, the construction industry has to overlook the challenges that they could face in the future. The future is gloomy of how long the crisis would exist, but every sector is applying their efforts and adapting to the situation by developing contingency plans and preparedness schemes. Although this may imply meagre profits in the short term, it may help the industries to adapt to the ongoing pandemic situations in the long run.

Yovza is a SaaS that helps construction contractors digitize their operational workflow to save 70% of their presently involved time