Isn’t it time, Construction?

We see every day how technology is making our lives better. Many services available to us today wouldn’t have been in our imagination a decade ago. Moreover, a pandemic has changed all our perspectives and practices. The wave of digitization has hit every realm today, it has become inevitable in business and personal lives.

The MENA region is where the economy sees a tremendous growth every year, Construction being a key contributor to the pool. When every industry is moving towards modern practices, a major part of the construction industry still uses traditional methods in all its stages; right from ideation to completion. Why shouldn’t we explore the limitless opportunities in adopting modern practices? Don’t you think it’s time for construction too?

Innovation has dived in a lot to the building structures but the practices adopted are still traditional. Traditionally refers to long-established practices that have been passed on, while modern is departing from traditional and relating to the present or recent times. On a quick note, pen and paper learning is traditional while digital learning is a modern practice.

From ideation, construction spans through stages of planning, designing, approvals, labour allotments, building to completion. Traditionally each of them involves a lot of paperwork, piles, and piles of papers on every desk. Every task has to be completed before the next one can begin and this results in many delays; due to human errors, revision required, improper management, and so on. It also makes it hard for the workforce to focus on more than one project at a time.

At a time where construction is a fast progression, it is important to timely channelize the workforce with modern practices so that we can reduce the delays in projects, human errors, and managing more projects at a time. Construction has room for adopting digital inputs to make management easy.

The benefits of moving to an online connected platform are many. Human errors decrease significantly as you are guided by reference values and templates so as to accurately do the calculations and measurements. When you are connected with all the departments, the decision making and approvals will be fast and attention to details can be paid. You can also manage more than one project and more workforce parallelly. All of these culminate in reducing delays in project completion and achieving the goal.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to explore the limitless space in the digital world for construction.

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