The need for female leaders in the construction era

The construction industry is considered as one of the world’s most booming industries. It is also one of the most resistant industries to technological change. Like tech and cybersecurity sectors, construction is one of the most notoriously male-dominated professions, out of 10 million employees working in the sector, just 9 per cent are female construction workers. This figure is primarily women in administrative and secretarial positions in the construction sector as the number of women actively working at construction sites is much lower.

In the construction industry, women still face challenges like gender bias, lack of adequate resources and benefits, and social perceptions. The equipment used in the construction for the protection of its employees is still designed with men in mind. There is always a poor fit which eventually leaves women at a higher risk of being injured on the site. Also, there always exists a pay gap in the industry. According to McKinsey’s report, businesses in the top quarter for gender diversity in executive teams were 21 per cent more likely to outperform profitability. There is an overall lack of strong female role models due to the lack of women, which discourages women from moving forward in the field or even choosing construction as a career.

Although only 7% of construction executives were women back in 2010, this number has experienced significant growth of 15% in the past few years, which is the highest gain across any industry. The industry is slowly transforming itself by eliminating the major challenges faced and Yovza has always moved ahead in fighting back such challenges. The company strives to maintain 50% of the female workforce including one in a leadership role assigned to Maya Acra, the Chief Commercial Officer at Yovza. With this initiative, Yovza helped to change the misconception that any industry is not just male-oriented.

There is a lot more that can be done to make the construction industry more equal. Some of the steps could be, to promote women to leadership positions. This will not just increase the number of women in leadership in the construction industry, but it will also improve the overall recruitment of women in the industry. The creation of mentorship programs and initiatives could help fight stereotypes and discrimination. Like the “Build Like A Girl” initiative at Miron Construction, female leaders play a crucial role in inspiring a new generation of construction leaders with their presence and accomplishments.

Yovza believes in fighting against the stereotypes and empowers the women to take on challenging roles thereby inspiring the future. Clearly, it is evident that the industry needs women in order to thrive. The women add the same value to the business growth as their male counterparts and the women should be given the power to take on more responsibilities and the decision-making authority.



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Madan — Yovza

Madan — Yovza

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