Based on true events

Why should I get into 500?

Yes, this is exactly what I questioned myself when we got shortlisted for MiSK | 500 Startups batch 3, back in early January 2020. Instead of feeling “WOW’ we made it, I was frightened by the truth that I have to travel to a piece of an unknown land, a country where I never thought I would be travelling any time in the near future.

After many sleepless nights thinking whether to go or not, I finally decided to pursue the program that came our way. Visa applied, flight booked and on the day of my departure from UAE, I was sitting at the gate in the airport waiting for my turn to get on board into the flight, with many questions unanswered at double the pace of Usain Bolt inside my head.

3 hour’s later I have stepped onto an entirely new land where I had no one to lean upon. It was 6:00 PM, by the time I was out of the airport. As I came out, there was a local cab driver wearing his traditional outfit with a wide smile on his face, looked at me as if he knew me for ages. His smile pulled me towards him, requesting him to drive me to my hotel.

It was 7:30 PM by the time I reached my hotel and as the questions in my head didn’t allow me to have anything since past 8 hours, I was feeling so hungry. Looking at me, the driver offered to take me to the nearest best restaurant which he knew and it was 10 PM by the time we returned to my hotel room.

As soon as I was on my bed, I realized that my very first question has already been answered by the gesture of the local Saudi driver, which ensured me that I am in a safe country and people in here care for each other as much as in any other country.

This excitement kept me awake the whole night, it becomes adventurous and as well as thrilling, isn’t it? when you discover that nature has its own way to answer all of your questions. I couldn’t wait for the sun to rise on me as I was eagerly waiting to look for more answers for many more questions which I had about the journey which I am in.

It was 8 AM and I rushed to our workspace named Monshaat, where I was about to spend the next 12 weeks, the place where it all begins.

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