Why the construction industry must employ more millennials.

The current conditions have seen the world going through one of its toughest periods yet. The economic recession is said to impact every industry in one way or the other, most of its effects would take years to fix. Unemployment is one such crisis which has slowly started to spread over every industry, construction is not immune to its effects either. Today, contractors are finding it hard to find labour that fits their overall level of requirement, as opposed to previous years. There also seems to be a growing demand for skilled labour in the industry, so how do you tackle this problem?

Millennials are an option that can help in the industry with the right labour force to revitalize the talent pool. However, some would argue that the lack of experience would be detrimental to how the projects are carried out. One thing we should remember is that the overall population is comprising of millennials. So they would like to have like-minded individuals to understand their aspirations for building their projects. they are also the generation to be raised in an era when the internet was much more prevalent than their predecessors. Millennials are tech-savvy — this gives them an upper hand in the current technological shift in the industry.

In a study conducted in 2015 by the FMI, they found that Millennials are indeed are dedicated and loyal towards their work and are driven towards creating more value. Such young talent can be utilized in the business to restore the industry. Innovative solutions are then formed because of their tenacity and team-spirit. Take Yovza for example, a web-based platform that digitizes the entire workflow of a construction based company. A team of young millennials who are working together with their leader themselves to help digitize the construction process and making them go completely paperless. This change has made Yovza, stronger, more flexible & better structured. They are already working its way in the industry, the day will come when the entire operational process of any construction company will be in one simple platform and that too completely paperless.

Any change requires the right mindset — with the Millenials taking the front the difference could be seen sooner than later. They also provide the right balance between work and life, which makes them more efficient and favourites for achieving better results in the industry.

Yovza is a SaaS that helps construction contractors digitize their operational workflow to save 70% of their presently involved time