Python Script in VS Code

Use a fish function to kick off your development process. One command will create a React app, create a GitHub repository and start up VS Code!

See my article on creating functions in Fish here


Quickly create a project with one line in your fish terminal

Custom fish function + Python script + Github API = One touch project starter

newproject my-react-project
> Repository my-react-project created

At the conclusion of this script you will have:

1. Project repo in Github
2. Project file folder on local machine
3. Create-react-app boilerplate (with initial commit to Github)
4. VS Code open and ready to go!

Requirements: Python3, pip3, fish shell

A brief overview of how to create a function in fish shell, and run from any location on your machine.

Fish Config Screenshot

Fish is a command line shell for Mac OS and Linux. It comes built in with various theme configurations, text-expanding abbreviations, and custom functions that can be run globally on your machine. This article will go over a quick way to set up a function.

Creating a Function:

Navigate to root


Create a simple function using the function keyword

function myFunction
echo “Hello World!”

Save the function to the fish config file using funcsave

funcsave myFunction

Thats it! To update your new function continue reading

Updating a function:

Navigate to the fish .config folder

cd ~/.config/fish/functions

Update the function using nano [exit using ctrl+x…

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