How Society Thinks in 2035
Michael Haupt

This is great. However, you failed to mention one thing: We can't focus on a fully "right brain" society, either. After all, all things in moderation, too much of a good thing, etc. Without the ability to dissect the world, we can't properly manipulate it to make it better. It's about achieving a balance, our ability to dissect our world using our left brain, and using that knowledge to help make changes that benefit not just us, but also everyone around us with our right brain.

I have a few addendums, extra points that I've noticed on the subject. I'd like to add them here.

1. Interestingly, this shift towards such a balance is more like a game of catch-up than anything else. Throughout human history, we've pursued the left side while largely ignoring the right. The hippie movement largely went full right brain returning to generally letting their surroundings be free, but millennials are showing an attempt at a balancing act. We aren't fully shunning manipulation like hippies, but we also realize such manipulation can't be done for purely selfish reasons.

2. I can't speak for Islam, Buddhism, or other religions, but Abrahamic religions are actively hindering such progress. The Bible teaches that we should not try to become God, i.e. to create life. Manipulation, as you've said, comes from the left brain. That part was long excused from this. But the create part, from the right brain, is against the very core of such religions. That's why art, culture, and expression is often forbidden in the more strict versions. Millennials becoming overwhelmingly atheist/agnostic isn't a coincidence, and the trend likely could've been predicted by any psychologist willing to step outside their religion to analyze it objectively.

3. Finally, the trigger for all this is in the abundance of resources. Humans naturally adapt to their surroundings. When food is scarce, we ignore parts of us, shut them down to conserve energy. We become lazy, in a sense. We start looking for the shortest way to achieve our goals. When food is abundant, we can afford to account for extra options. We can afford to make sure those around us are happy too. This whole "right brain" thing is the natural progression of our species. And food isn't the only abundance in this society. Knowledge is, too. The internet allows for a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips. And we can seek each other's wisdom using it, too. We're able to coordinate with each other at unprecedented levels. This communication, combined w/ the food, has allowed progress to move forward faster than ever before.