When Preserving Cultural Heritage Requires Disruption

Mar 1, 2018 · 13 min read

Perfect Storm Meets Vicious Cycle

In addition to overgrazing, the Mongolian grasslands are being degraded by pollution resulting from increased mining.

Start Where You Are and Do What You Can

As we experiment with interactive mapping as a way to explore ecosystems, we noticed that the cashmere supply chain seems straightforward, but the forces which shape the relationships are unpredictable and asymmetric (like China’s swelling buying power).
A contrast in living conditions.
Since cashmere herders are vulnerable to a number of external variables, the Kickstarter campaign focused on protecting their income streams by reinvesting profits into the World Banks livestock insurance program.

Good, Fast, Cheap 2.0

Matt (at left) and Diederik (above right) examining the cashmere yield.

Harnessing Hipster Values for Herders

With elegant outer packaging conveying the luxury and quality of their products, Naadam puts information on the labels inside that educates customers about the impact of how materials are sourced and why it’s important to cease using toxic dry cleaning practices.

A Small Group of Thoughtful, Committed Citizens

As a chocolate company, Tony’s leads by example and activates industry, politics and consumers to bring about change. They assert that, “alone we make slave free chocolate, together we make all chocolate 100% slave free.”

Think Globally, Act Locally, Even If It Seems Futile


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Yoxi is a social innovation explorer. We make humble and heroic investments that arrive when the art of questioning is mission-critical to creating real impact.

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