10 Steps process to get Registered as an employer at MSME Job Portal

In the direction to moving India toward Digitalization on 15, June, 2015 PM Modi’s MSME Minister Kalraj Mishra has launched an online portal .The name of the portal is eex.dcmsme.gov.in. This Online portal is having two categories i.e. one for the Employer and second one for the job seeker. This job portal is very useful for Micro, Small and Medium scale companies. By this portal the skilled person will come to known that were is the vacancy and what profile is available from the Micro, Small and Medium scale companies. This portal is also very useful for the employer of the Micro, Small and Medium scale companies also.

If the employer needs skilled person for his organization then he/she has to fill the form which is available at eex.dcmsme.gov.in as an I am Employer. In this way he/she will get right person at right place without wasting time and money. In this way by this portal the employer can also increase his/her productivity. So by this portal the employer and job seeker .This portal is launched in the direction of Digital Bharat, which is launched by PM Modi .The main motto of launching this portal is to enhance Skill development.

10 Steps process to get Skilled employees at MSME Job Portal

1. First you have to visit at MSME online portal which is listed below.


2. Now to get the skilled employ you need to register as an Employer in I am Employer sector. Which is listed below.


3. Here you are supposed to fill the details as an employer. The details like organization name, office Address, state, district, Phone number, organization type, organization size, Annual turnover.

4. In this selection as an employer you need to provide contact details like contact name,Email ID,Login ID and mobile number.

5. Once it is filled and you are agree with it.you just have to press the submit button.

6. Once it is submitted a Login ID and password is generated to your registered email ID or registered mobile number.

7. With this Login ID and Password you are supposed to login in Registration section.

8. Once you are logged in Registration it as to change the password. You can now change you current password with desired password.

9. In the next stage it will ask to update employer profile.

10. Once the employer profile is updated. Now you post the job that include number of Position opening, Post, total experience required, Minimum education required etc.


In this the employer can post any Position on MSME Job Portal and will get the desired employees.

More Info @ http://goo.gl/g6YUwY

Originally published at yoyomoneysingh.in on June 17, 2015.

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