Get EPF withdrawal without Employer Signature

Today I will tell you the process that you can withdraw your EPF amount without Employer Signature. This EFP withdrawal is valid for following conditions -Your previous employer is not doing signature on EFP withdrawal form, you left the job long back and now you want to withdraw your EFP amount, or your relation with present management got messed up and they are not supporting you to withdraw you EPF amount and they are threating you. First of all we will tell you the EPF withdrawal Rule with is listed below.

Condition in which you can withdraw you EPF

1. You can withdraw EFP amount only if you have completed two month in the organization. Before two month working in any organization you cannot withdraw EPF amount.

2. You can withdraw the EPF amount if you are jobless for more than two month from the date of resignation from the last company.

3. In the above conditions you can do Partial withdraw the EPF amount in the above stated condition.

4. It is the duty of employer to get signed and submit the EPF form in the concern department.

10 step process to withdraw your EPF without Employer Signature

1. You have to download form 19 and Form 10c for the withdrawal purpose .You can get this form from local EPFO office.

2. Fill the forms and get attest the form from the following authorities

  • Magistrate/post/sub Post master/Notary.
  • Gazetted officer.
  • Bank Manger .PSU Bank Manager are Preferred or the bank in which your EPF account is there.
  1. After getting attached form the above authorities, you should write a letter to PF Commissioner, giving him the reason that why you have attested the Form 19 and form 10C from the above stated authorities. While writing letter to PF commissioner try to provide maximum proofs which shows the proof that your employer is not signing his/her withdrawal form. Try to get attached those proof but it is optional not mandatory.
  2. If you are employed you have to submit an affidavit that will proof you that you are presently unemployed. The affidavit should be printed on Rs 100 Stamp paper with notary or any gazetted officer signature. If you are employed anywhere then you can transfer the EPF to new employer .
  3. After doing all this process try to attach address proof, Identity proof, bank statement, Aadhaar card and service proof.
  4. In service proof you can submit appointment letter, copy of pay slip, ID card.
  5. Once you have prepared these entire document just submit these document to the Regional Office.
  6. You have to wait for some time and check the status at
  7. If nothing happens in few days you should file an RTI application with EPF department or file GRIEVANCE FORM at .
  8. The money in the EPF account is only for you only under any conditions. If still you are not getting the amount collect all evidence on paper and send to regional Provided Fund officer.He will enquire to the employer and if he find any irregularty or complaint he can take legal action against the employer and even impose fine to the employer under section 7A.

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Originally published at on July 3, 2015.

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