Oh go on then, you big flirt!

Flirting is great, but it’s all about the relationship with Yoyo Wallet says co-founder Michael Rolph.

It was great to read about Clive Schlee’s approach to rewarding customers of Pret-a-Manger. It is an approach that empowers the Pret team, which is an important ingredient for elevating any retail experience. So what better way to spice up that encounter than to add a little bit of ‘love’ into that fleeting moment as you hold the queue up to gaze wildly into the eyes of the cashier in hope of being recognized via a free coffee or sandwich?

Actually, I can testify that I have been one of the lucky 28% to have been given a free coffee. To, that point, I want to say thanks to the guy behind the counter that morning who gave me that free coffee. I’m sorry to say, I never got his name, but coffee does taste even better when my wallet remains in my pocket.

When it comes to rewarding customers, Pret are taking an approach to loyalty that comes from the surprise and delight book, which is great when you look past the flirting angle. Schlee states,“we looked at loyalty cards but did not want to spend all that money building up some complicated Clubcard-style analysis.”

Yoyo, mobile wallets made easy

We at Yoyo Wallet agree. That is why we have spent the time and money building it for you Pret, as well as any retailer who wants to reward their clientele. Well, that’s not quite true — we made it a lot better than Clubcard. Yoyo is a mobile wallet that connects retailers and consumers via a seamless mobile transaction experience. Via one quick and easy scan customers can pay, receive any loyalty points instantly, get a full itemized digital receipt and immediately receive any earned or random rewards — like the flirt reward Pret have in place. You can even share your rewards with friends.

Clive, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but if you check Twitter I just shared a free coffee with you. Fingers crossed that this is the start of a beautiful long term relationship.

Spread the love with Yoyo Wallet

After all, mobile is a device for communication and that is how we use it. We communicate with you and your customers how important it is each time you visit your favorite coffee shop, instead of just capitalizing on that fleeting moment of cashier and customer making eyes across the till. The fact it enables the fastest payment experience is a fantastic side benefit to all the automation awesomeness that we enable for our retailers.

Flirting is fun, but nothing beats a relationship, especially when that relationship comes with guaranteed free rewards just for doing the things you already love.