Section/SIGs Events at the Glasgow FIP Congress

Academic Pharmacy Section

Monday, 3 September
12.30–14.00: C12-The continuing professional development (CPD) debate
14.30–17.30: B4-Interprofessional education: Transforming outcomes for the 21st century

Tuesday, 4 September
09.00–12.00: C2-Global workforce development goals-progress and evaluation
12.30–14.00: C4-Professional development tools to advance your pharmacy career
14:30–17.30: C6-Teaching and implementing effective team building

Wednesday, 5 September
09.00–12.00: D13-Professional regulation in a globalised environment-Challenges and opportunities
12.30–14.00: A5-Improving pharmacy research: Spotlight on research design, methods and dissemination
14:30–17.30: C9-Professional recognition and credentialing for transforming pharmaceutical care

Thursday, 6 September
09.00–12.00: D9-Sharing experience across borders: Training programmes
12.30–14.00: D11-Global impact and use of FIP Education resources for workforce development
14:30–17.30: C11-Using the power of EPAs: Teaching and transforming practice

Hospital Pharmacy Section

Health and Medicines Information Section

Sunday 2nd Sep
13:00–14:30: First-Timers meeting (by invitation only)
15:00–17:00: Opening ceremony
17:00–19:00: Welcome reception

Monday 3rd Sep
12:45–13:30: Session D22- Andre Bedat Award Lecture

Tuesday 4th Sep
9:00–12:00: Session D15- What’s new in practice? Part 1
12:30–14:00: Session C5- Medicines information — Country case studies
14:30–16:00: HaMIS Business Meeting
14:30–17:30: Session D16- What’s new in practice? Part 2

Wednesday 5th Sep
9:00–12:00: Session C7- End-of-life communication and ethical decision-making
12:30–14:00: Session D7- From theriaca to pharmacogenetic medicines: Pharmacy history
20:00–22:30: HaMIS Section dinner

Thursday 6th Sep
9:00- 12:00: Session B8- How to write great lay summaries and empower patients
19:30–23:00: Closing dinner

Natural Product Special Interest Group

There will be a Natural Products SIG meeting at the 78th FIP World Congress in Glasgow. The meeting will be on Monday, September 3rd from 14:00–14:30 in Etive at the Scottish Event Campus. Please do join us!

To find more about the Congress schedule, please visit here.

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