YPG-IPSF International Night in Glasgow FIP Congress

We are proud to announce that YPG and IPSF are jointly hosting the first-ever International Night at World Congress in Glasgow!

Much like the IPSF World Congress, all guests are encouraged to wear their national costume/outfit and bring their local snacks/food from around the world to share. There will also be a stage for international performances throughout the night if you would like to sing or perform a solo or as a group!

If you would like to make any performances please indicate your interest with carolyn.dewart@gmail.com

The address for the venue is printed on your ticket.

Please note: tickets include catering and drinks and all guests must purchase tickets at FIP registration desk before 5pm, Sunday 2nd September to finalise catering numbers.

Please, save the date. :)

If you are interested in more social events during the Congress, please visit here.