Bird Cage Out of a Fan

I had this broken fan in my basement for some time and i always walk passed it thinking what can i do with it because i love recycling stuff and one day i had the idea of using parts of it to make a cute cage for small birds, to be clear this cage is not to leave your bird in for a long time, i have a big indoor aviary for my budgies so i needed a small cage to move my birds from place to place and use it for emergencies i also found it very useful when separating a sick bird to treat it or when taking care of a baby bird who fell out of nest. If you don’t own a bird you can use it for decoration if you like making DIY projects, so to learn how to turn a broken fan into a beautiful bird cage follow these steps.

Take an old or broken fan and start taking it apart.

Take a scissor and cut the cord and the electrical plug of the fan.

Now these are the parts you’re going to use from the fan.

Get a stainless steel wire mesh with small holes of 0.5 mm.

Bring a measuring tape and mark horizontally 1.30m and vertically 30cm.

Take a pliers, remove the small parts on the fan grill and throw them away.

Take a plastic bucket cover, clean it and put it on the bottom grill.

Now take the wire mesh and the bottom grill and start sewing them together using the fan cord.

I bought two pieces so i sewed them together, you don’t have to do this if you get 1.30m in length.

Take the scissor and cut a square 16x16cm then cut 20x20cm from the remain wire mesh to make a door. Fold any sticking wires to the outside with the pliers so the bird won’t have any contact with them.

Take a covered wire, cut it into 4 pieces, bend the pieces then use them to attach the door to the cage.

Now take another covered wire, bend it’s 2 sides and secure it on the door to use it to open and close the cage.

Put the second grill on top of the cage and sew it with a cord exactly like you did to the bottom one.

Take a plastic bowl, make 2 close holes in the back using a scissor, take a covered wire and fix it in the bowl.

Attach the bowl to the inside wall of the cage.

Now cut a small rectangular hole with the scissor and fold the wires to the outside then use a covered wire to secure the water dispenser.

To make the swing take a long covered wire, bend it then take a paper and wrap it around the bottom part.

Take a wire tape and roll it around the paper.

Take 2 thin cables, put them in the swing then attach the swing to the top grill of the cage.

Make a perch with rolling 2 covered wires together then rolling a cord around them.

You can make a wood perch too by taking a small dry branch from a tree and putting it in the cage.

Put a newspaper at the bottom of the cage.

Put food in the bowl.

Put bird toys in the cage then take a bent covered wire and fix it on the top of the cage to make a hanger.

Now put your bird in the cage and that’s it (^‿^). This is my 6 years old male budgie Yuki, he’s completely healthy and never had a problem when i put him in this cage.

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