Cute jewelry Gifts Under $50 for Friend

You want to treat yourself with a beautiful jewelry or get your friend a fancy gift but don’t want to spend much money, here are some cute jewelry gifts that are under $50.

Ever Faith Jewelry Set

A very elegant gold ivory colored jewelry set including a simulated pearl necklace and pair of earnings that will make you look classy and chic, you can wear it with an evening gown or dress in weddings, receptions and fancy events.

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Rabbit Rhinestone Keychain

This rhinestone bunny keychain is so cute and makes a great gift for everyone especially rabbit lovers, it can be used as a keychain so you won’t loose your keys, on purses and bags to add a fancy touch to them.

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Appolus Watch and Earrings Gift Set

Appolus gift set includes a fancy silver watch and 3 pair of elegant earrings that will match anything you wear and make you look more sophisticated and classy. You can wear it everyday at work or in special occasions like weddings, parties, birthday parties. The watch is water-resistant and the bracelet is made of stainless steel.

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Menton Ezil Bracelet

The Menton Ezil Bracelet is a great gift, it’s elegant with shiny white crystals and gorgeous design that complements any dress you wear and adds a fancy touch to your look, it’s adjustable, comfortable to wear and can be worn in weddings, parties, receptions.

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Alilang Crystal Rhinestone Anime Bunny Necklace

This shiny anime bunny necklace made with crystal rhinestones has an elegant design that will make your outfit more cute, it makes a great gift for people who love bunnies.

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Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Necklace

If you have a friend who is a big fan of game of thrones you can surprise him/her with this dragon egg necklace that will make him or her feel so special.

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OYLZ Ceramic Bunny Ring Holder

Rings get lost so easily when leaving them on the table and if dropped they get stuck under furniture to never be found, loosing your expensive rings can be stressful especially if it’s an engagement or wedding ring, well you won’t have to deal with that problem by using this cute bunny couple ring holder, it will hold your precious rings preventing them from getting dropped or lost and its adorable design fits any room you place it in. This bunny ring holder is a really thoughtful gift for your friends.

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Harry Potter Quidditch Snitch Necklace

A Quidditch Snitch necklace for all Harry Potter fans.

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