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A breakdown of Eastwatch Issues

Another Little Lannister? (photo by HBO)

As promised, now that I have finished this week’s recap:

I am listing all, or at least all of the issues I can think of, that were covered in Season 7 Episode 5 of Game of Thrones.

I am doing this because under the shadow of night, The Ringer decided to both leave Medium (for Vox) but also get rid of their comment sections on the new backbone. My goal is to help facilitate continued discussions of Game of Thrones here on Medium.

Issues for Discussion This week

Brann Is A Good Friend (photo by HBO)

Feel free to answer any or all questions, I will try to engage in the resulting discussions.

Why did Bronn Save Jamie (was it for Gold or for Friendship)?

Do Daenerys actions in the Battle of the Plunder Cats (Oops, Carts) and after (aka the Tarly BBQ) mean she is the Mad Queen? Or just acting like a rational credible ruler in Westeros (after Tarly’s refused to bend the knee and Randyll insulted her multiple times)?

Should Jaime have told Cersei about Olenna killing Joffrey?

Is Jaime in trouble for talking Cersei out of torturing Olenna to death (0r for meeting with Tyrion secretly)?


Should Daenerys have immediately known that she was related to Jon Snow (because Drogon allowed Jon to pat his snout)? If so, why is she still making goo goo eyes at him? Is it just because Targaryen’s often marry relatives?

What did you think of Daenerys and Jorah’s reunion? What was the best reunion so far this season?

Why is it okay that Bran can now control hundreds of Crows? Why can the Night King seem to thwart Bran’s attempts to view his activities?

Why didn’t the Grand Maester tell Sam about the death of his Father and Brother? Can Sam inherit since he bails on becoming a Maester? Or is Sam incapable of inheriting his family mantle? Will his Night’s Watch vows also remain a barrier?

Why are Tyrion and Varys so upset about Daenerys killing the Tarly clan? What did they think mercy would help her cause?

Why does anyone think Tyrion and Jon’s new plan is a good idea? Do we really believe throwing a White Walker at Cersei is going to unite the forces of Daenerys, Cersei, and the North against the White Walkers?

Why does Ser Davos believe bringing another person with a claim to the throne (Gendry) back into the fold is a good idea?

How screwed is Bronn, will Jaime save Bronn like Bronn saved him? Is Jaime screwed because Cersei can’t actually let the world know that she is having another incest baby? Does this mean Euron is going to become her fake baby daddy? Will Cersei miscarry, what will be the implications if she does?

Why does Gendry want to fight White Walkers exactly? Why didn’t Jon seem to take any Dragonglass with him to help the rest of his strike team have a chance of hell of surviving what sure seems like a suicide mission?

What is Sansa’s plan to try to take out Cersei? How does she think she could fight Daenerys even if she takes out Cersei?

How did one of the greatest assassins in the entire world of Game of Thrones fall for what seems like a pretty simple and stupid trick? Why are we supposed to believe she doesn’t understand basic spy craft?

How did Littlefinger get the actual note Sansa sent Robb at Cersei’s request Season 1 (note I am not asking how he got a record of the note, I am asking why Maester Luwin had the actual note)?

Why doesn’t Sam ever listen to Gilly? Why will it be important that Raegar’s marriage was annulled? What will be the consequences of Sam stealing books from the Citadel and leaving his Maester training?

How do you think the Brotherhood Without Banners, Jon, Davos, and Gendry will do beyond the wall? Will anyone die? Who will survive?

If I left anything out, feel free to add your thoughts.

Hope everyone participates!

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