Game of Thrones Better Raise Their Logic Game Tonight

Josh H
Josh H
Aug 6, 2017 · 5 min read
Tyrion’s Bad Plan Was The Least of Game of Thrones Problems

Euron’s Magic Powers

Yara and Theon looked as surprised as I feel


Remember When She Was Formidable?

Those White Walkers are Really Polite for Harbingers of Apocalypse!

The Children of the Forest Might Have Created The White Walkers But Did They Train Them To Be Sporting Too?

Casterly Rock?

Yes, I Know, It Wasn’t My Best Plan…But, In Fairness, I Didn’t Know Olenna Was Incompetent or that Euron Had Magix Powers.

Josh H

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Josh H

Author, Criminal Justice Reform Advocate, Co-Host of the "Decarceration Nation" Podcast, Television critic and Movie Reviewer,

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