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Good to have the Maester back, HBO drama aside, I always preferred the Grantland version anyway.

I agree about the Dragon Horn in my recap, my suggestion in my recap was that they may have him go find it as a quick quest on the show (he already had it at the Kingsmoot in the books). My biggest problem with the Euron subplot is how is 1000 ships became European style battleships instead of Viking style long ships. But whatever.

I also think it was pretty bold that Euron called out Jaime as being an inappropriate consort (“1000 ships and two good hands”) also implying that Cersei should try killing her brother (foreshadowed only a few minutes earlier by Sansa saying that Cersei kills everyone who crosses her and only a minute earlier by Cersei telling Jaime he had crossed her). I guess I am suggesting that Jaime better run.

The North may be in full rebellion (sort-of), but I am predicting a Jon Snow/Daenerys alliance based in his obsessions with fighting White Walkers (because, dragonglass) while I suspect Sansa and the Knights of the Vale will head to Cersei’s side.

Anyway, good stuff as always. I mostly agree with you about the Sansa/Jon argument too (why in the world was she calling him out in public or was there no prior discussion?). If he is “good” at being King, he is maybe not so good at strategic consultation.

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