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In my recap this week, I focused on why the Children of the Forest were never on Dragonstone (truth hurts, Benioff and Weiss), why Jaime is probably still alive and kicking, why Arya vs. Brienne’s battle was important, and why it was strategically important for Daenerys to open a path for the remaining Unsullied to be able to connect with the rest of Team Drogon the Dragon.

Hey, I totally get that most of you at The Ringer are 100% convinced that Daenerys is inevitably turning into a blood-mad Targaryen Queen. And I totally agree that this was an important element of this week’s episode (which I agree was 100% awesome).

But, I talked about purely aspirational rulers being a path to death in the GoT universe last week (along with the importance of the political theory of Realism in George R.R. Martin’s work).

Anyway, you are a great writer, I just don’t get why all of you seem to tiptoe around the violence that Benioff & Weiss do to GRRM’s carefully constructed logic.

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