Understanding liberals versus the left
Elizabeth Bruenig

Let me clarify the important point never made in these posts.

This split between liberals, progressives, leftists etc. is why Donald Trump is POTUS (not ideology, not really understanding where the country is, not speaking to “real America,” or any of the other nonsense).

Demographically, Trumpland cannot win (only through splitting core left constituencies and suppressing votes can the DJT coalition win).

Dr. Jill Stein, for instance, spent months suppressing the Democratic turnout all while raising large amounts of money for herself and her organization. This “opposition” to the Democratic candidate was almost entirely in stark contrast to the larger Green agenda (just look at the Secretaries of the Interior and Energy under DJT). There are literally 100’s of other examples.

Different elements of the Left have very different ideas on how to proceed and incremental change sucks but it is surely superior to burning decades of progress to the ground?

So, when you see people online fighting hard to defend the splits among liberals, you might start asking yourself why :)

These days, “False Flag Operations” abound.