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Josh H
Josh H
Sep 1, 2017 · 2 min read

The Season 3 Trailer Might have Confirmed My Theory

My Recap Returns 10.12

Before you proceed, if you haven’t seen all of seasons 1 and 2 of Mr. Robot or don’t like reading speculative theories SPOILER ALERT

So, you might have seen the new Season 3 trailer for Mr. Robot that was released Wednesday:

Several events seem to confirm my long-running theory that Mr. Robot is actually the dominant personality of Mr. Robot (and not the Alter). If you are not familiar with that theory, you can catch up here:

At the beginning, Tyrell Wellick is heard wondering who the Elliot who was questioning his existence was, he says:

“He made me shoot him, he kept saying I wasn’t real. It was almost as if he was a <dramatic pause> different person.”

Then using a very typical Mr. Robot trick, an image of Mr. Robot is juxtaposed to suggest that it is he (Mr. R) who was the interloper and not Elliot. Only one problem, the scene being described by Tyrell was one in which the Elliot we know and love was in control and got himself shot by Tyrell.

Elliot After Being Shot (USA Network)

Tyrell was clearly referring to Elliot being the stranger, not Mr. Robot.

A few seconds later (at 0:29) we hear Elliot say both that Stage 2 was never stopped and “It was him” followed by Mr. Robot copping to being the Architect of 5/9 and Fsociety.

The Gentleman

Later (around 1:12), you hear Elliot saying, “The Dark Army needs to know what he’s done” (most likely a reference to Mr. Robot again).

Not 100% proof, but I said right after last season that one of the big Season 3 twists would be the reveal that Elliot is the alter and Mr. Robot is the dominant personality.

In a sense, I hope that I am wrong, I would prefer to be surprised.

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