Recovery Isn’t A Magic Trick

Progress Not Perfection Isn’t Just a Trite Slogan

Recovery Isn’t About Waving A Wand

The ‘Talking Heads’ on television always act surprised and sometimes even seem offended whenever a prominent celebrity relapses (often a sports figure, television, or movie star).

These addiction commentators make rehab and recovery sound like an almost magical process that immediately cures people. Usually, after much hand wringing, they conclude with a statement how sad it is that the particular celebrity struggling with addiction can’t just “get it together” and make the best of his or her second chance.


Recovery is not magic, it is a process.

Often Recovery is a really hard life-long process with many bumps along the road.

And, most important, relapse is often a part of recovery.

Let me repeat that, relapse is often a part of recovery.

Recovery takes time, and it takes a committed and consistent effort to build up an effective program of recovery.

Recovery takes daily maintenance and addictive impulses are compulsive and constantly challenging to every addict.

I have been sober for seven years now and there is not one day that goes by when I don’t feel challenged or triggered (it also took my 20 years of failing to find any lasting recovery).

Recovery is about building up muscle memory behind your best coping mechanisms and tools.

There is a HUGE difference between relapsing and failed recovery. Just keep trying to make your next 24 hours better than the 24 hours before. Progress not perfection is the goal.

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