Renovating Confederate Flags

3 Thoughts About the Season 21 Premiere of South Park

Distinction Without Difference? (Comedy Central)

South Park has become a show full of powerful social criticism.

Virtually every issue covered in Black Mirror has also been covered in depth (especially in South Park seasons 19 and 20). This episode had particular resonance for me living near Detroit while Kid Rock considers his run for the US Senate.

If you want a longer treatment of Season 21 Episode 01 “White People Renovating” here is my full recap (and yes, I originally misspelled Renovating in the header because I am an idiot):

3 Thoughts About “White People Renovating”

Triumph Of The Will? (Comedy Central)
  1. The First Rule About White Flight Club is that you Don’t Talk About White Flight Club

The only difference between Randy’s opposition to racism and Daryl’s embrace of it is one of discomfort and not of commitment.

Randy doesn’t take Daryl and his cronies to court to fight racism he takes them to court to protect his business interests.

That pretty much says it all (and yes, I realize this means I violated the first rule of WFC myself).

<There was also a subtle dig at Spotify and of white appropriation of Black Music when Jim Bob does his cover of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble’>

<There was also a Mr. Robot reference when Cartman repeats Dom’s plea to Alexa>

2. The Rich Always Win The Class War

Once Randy was able to create a new kitchen island capable of opening up Darryl’s home space, Daryl immediately surrendered his fight for the dignity of the <white> poor.

Matt and Trey just managed to explain the ongoing and mysterious popularity of the Bravo Network in less than 30 minutes.

Oh, also, renovating racism and racist artifacts don’t make them any less racist.

3. If You Love Alexa You Might Be A Narcissist

Cartman uses Alexa to replace his real life, breathing, caring girlfriend.

And why?

Because Alexa does whatever he asks it to do and never complains. In fact, he surrounds himself with a veritable chorus of electronic assistants (echo dots?) so that he will never be separated from their blind love and support.

So, if you have electronic assistants all over your house, you might be a Cartman.

Cartman Loves Wings (Comedy Central)

More on South Park next week!

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