Sorry, I Am Not Defending Jeff Sessions

Why Are Democrats Defending the Indefensible?

Who Me?

Democrats in Congress and the Senate are doing back flips to defend our “beleaguered” AG Jeff Sessions, Twitter is aghast at Trump’s treatment of a sitting AG, and it seems clear that support for the Mueller investigation is overriding dislike of former Senator Leghorn.

Not me, I will never (ever, ever, ever) support Jeff Sessions for any office (including but not limited to Dog Catcher).

Jeff Sessions wants to double down on the War on Drugs (a total failure since its inception in 1971), racist and failed Mandatory Minimum sentences (a total failure since they were first applied in the 1980's), and Civil Asset Forfeiture (a total abomination since being created in the 1990's).

He also believes in outdated and idiotic approaches to addiction and recovery and is well on his way to making the Opioid crisis worse.

This is a man who looks at the evidence all experts agree prove the failure of “tough on crime” approaches and sees success. His epistemology screams his true opposition to people of color and the economically disenfranchised even as his words carefully skirt the questions.

Many will respond that Trump will just appoint an even more terrible replacement. This might be true, but it would be hard for him to find someone as brutally competent at defending and implementing the wrong response to every criminal justice problem as Sessions (with his decades of insider experience and relationships across Washington).

Others will respond that Trump’s replacement AG will end the Mueller investigation. As far as I am concerned, that would be awesome. If Donald Trump’s goal was to erode any legitimacy he could ever claim as President, he could not find a more efficient means than firing Mueller. And let’s face it, this thing is going to go very bad soon either way (even GOP members are privately and publically starting to question POTUS sanity and judgment).

In addition, there is no guarantee POTUS will not end the Mueller investigation with or without the help of the AG (or just pardon the entire cadre of possible indicted Administration appointees and family members.

Just a few days ago POTUS casually tweeted about information that was potentially classified (and it was not the first time either). Trust me when I say this train is going off the tracks with or without Mueller. And regardless, I am not going to defend an AG who is setting Criminal Justice Reform back decades just to win some prime time points on the nightly news.

Anyway, I know my vote doesn’t count for much here, but you can count me out on Sessions.

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