I like your debunking of this theory.
Andreas Rydström

Thanks for the detailed response.

I made three major arguments in my three posts on Bran:

  1. Greenseeing is NOT time travel.
  2. You can’t warg people in the past (but you can warg someone in the present as you greensee them in the past).
  3. Losing yourself in someone you are warging means you are LOST (think Hodor). You can’t function in your old body as you are lost in the new one (one consciousness, that is the whole reason warging is dangerous).

All of those arguments are devastating to the Bran = Night King argument (and I haven’t really seen any responses backed by much evidence).

To answer your question, no, in my understanding of the books, you cannot “switch consciousness” with someone you are warging. In other news, the actor who plays Bran strongly implied that he was not the Night King in three different interviews today.

Thanks again for the thoughtful response!

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