The Down Low with Iron v. Dragons (Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1)

Every week, I write a recap of Game of Thrones on my blog here are the highlights for Season 7 Episode 1: Dragonstone.

Dragonstone was mostly about establishing the battle lines for what will likely be an epic battle between Iron and Dragon (Drogon).

Choosing a Game of Thrones God

Arya (with an assist from Benioff and Weiss) just cleaned up one of the thorniest problems the story line might have faced going forward, the Frey’s.

The Frey’s held one of the most strategic locations (in some ways the gateway to the North) and Walder Frey purposefully spread his seed liberally so that it would be nearly impossible to eradicate his line.

Well, Arya just exterminated all of the Frey’s in one fell swoop. Later when we are choosing which Game of Thrones God is the most powerful, might want to consider choosing one of the Many-faced variety.

Stark Split

I like the new cynical Sansa (her quipped dismissal of Littlefinger was epic) but what exactly was she expecting when she contradicted Jon publically on the order to maintain the Umber and Karstark lands right after he had been crowned King of the North? How could have he reacted in any other way than sticking to his guns without losing the respect of everyone in attendance (it was one of his first edicts).

At the same time, she was probably 100% right to suggest that his leadership style has a bit too much Ned and a bit too little Joffrey in it (of course Jon missed her point entirely because, he wants to be loved not feared).

My early prediction is that Jon will align with Daenerys because he needs Dragonglass and that Sansa (with Littlefinger and Robin) will end up aligning with Cersei.

Kings and Queens Dancing With Twincest

Yup, Euron totally called out Jaime as an unsuitable consort when he said:

“I have 1000 ships and two good hands”

Brutally efficient gutsy wordplay.

Right before this happened, Sansa said Cersei murders everyone who crosses her and Cersei called out Jaime for crossing her (and releasing Tyrion).

Right after this happened, Euron told Cersei that he had no regrets about killing his brother and even implied that Cersei should give it a go.

Way too much foreshadowing to ignore, it is just about time for Jaime to run or for him to very quickly find some stronger allies.

Oh, also, if you don’t know what Euron’s gift is, I have a theory (check it out in my recap).

Sandor “The Bassett Hound” Clegane

This is a new kinder, gentler, more sensitive, and less cynical Hound. Sandor is even seeing visions in fire and attempting to pray to God’s that he doesn’t even believe in.

Not sure what to make of all this, but it seems clear that the Brotherhood Without Banners is heading to The Wall to fight White Walkers. What’s next for Sandor Clegane, a love interest rom/com style (kidding)?

Okay, there is much more in the recap. But let me know what you noticed in Season 7 Episode 1 too!