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Billy Butcher’s Amazing Art Work for Black Mirror’s ‘White Christmas’ Episode

What a crazy week of writing (I suspect I may have beaten my all-time Grammarly record for words written in a week). In case you didn’t know, is my music and television blog.

Jon Looking Emo (because that is what he does)

The week started out with my “Red Badge of Theon” recap of the “Stormborn” episode of Game of Thrones (Season 7 Episode 2). I discussed Varys and Olenna from the perspective of political realism, Theon’s abandonment of Yara, Arya’s reunions with Hot Pie and Nymeria, and why Jon is most likely going to be a bad King in the North.

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs (no really, that is the band’s name)

Next up was my weekly Spotify Playlist “Pop Rocks Skylight” which included songs from Nine Inch Nails, Single Mothers, Love and Rockets and many others. I also highlighted two artists from the playlist in separate posts, London’s the KVB and A. Savage from Denton Texas (also from the band Parquet Courts).

Another Great Black Mirror Comic Book Cover from the great Billy Butcher

Usually, I do two recaps of Orange Is The New Black every week but since I just finished up Season 5 I went back and finished up one of the only two episodes of Black Mirror that I missed “White Christmas.” I probably put it off because I knew it would require an immense amount of writing because White Christmas covers more complex ideas than any other episode of Black Mirror. Oh, and if you haven’t seen Billy Butcher’s art before, do yourself a favor and check his site out (he is an amazing artist).

The woman we know as ‘whiterose’

Finally, I wrote my weekly “Predicting Robot” (Mr. Robot) post. This week my post was all about the woman known to us as ‘whiterose.’ I was very lucky to be able to talk to the actor who portrays ‘whiterose’ (B.D. Wong) and also to Mr. Robot’s creator Sam Esmail who both graciously helped me get to the bottom of a few pressing ‘whiterose’ issues (like why ‘whiterose’ is supposed to be written with a lowercase w).

Thanks for all of the comments and hits this week! Keep them coming!

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