Tyrion Lannister, Meet Tyrion Lannister

Josh H
Josh H
Aug 22, 2017 · 3 min read

Tyrion 8/2017 advises Tyrion 7/2017

Just Imagine Varys as the Tyrion from last night (HBO)

In case you missed my recap this week, you can read it here:

Anyway, this is a conversation I imagined the Tyrion of last night having with the Tyrion at the beginning of season 7.

Tyrion 7/2017: Hey Tyrion, I am thinking about dividing my forces in thirds and attacking two entirely different parts of the world at the same time. What do you think?

Tyrion 8/2017: This will be a difficult negotiation.

Don’t be so depressed Tyrion 6/2017 (HBO)

Tyrion 7/2017: Sure, it will be difficult but I used to be the master of toilets in Casterly Rock and we can sneak in through a hole in one of the walls under the city.

Tyrion 8/2017: You need to take your enemy’s side if you’re going to see things the way they do.

Tyrion 7/2017: You are so right, why did I forget that the Gold is all mined out and that neither Cersei or Jaime have been to Casterly Rock in years? Why would I tell Daenerys that Lannister power is based in a place Cersei hasn’t visited since Robert died? Thank you so much Tyrion 8/2017!

Tyrion 8/2017: I believe in you and the world you want to build.

Tyrion 7/2017: But what about encircling Kings Landing with the forces of Dorne and the Tyrell’s? They have made some mistakes before, but I feel like we can count on them.

Tyrion 8/2017: Perhaps they both needed time to contemplate the mistakes in the solitude of a cold cell.

With Allies Like Olenna… (HBO)

Tyrion 7/2017: Are you saying they aren’t reliable or that they might not get the job done? I mean I have that well known naval genius Theon Greyjoy watching over them, do you think the Lannister’s will be ready?

Tyrion 8/2017: I am taking their side.

Tyrion 7/2017: Oh no, what am I missing? Are you saying that dramatically splitting your forces rarely works or could it be that Cersei and Jaime know Olenna isn’t even going to be able to send her forces towards Kings Landing and our naval forces are going to get massacred at sea?

Tyrion 8/2017: you need to see things the way they do if you’re going to anticipate their actions, respond effectively and beat them. Which I want you to do very much.

Tyrion 7/2017: Gosh thanks Tyrion 8/2017, I guess mine was a terrible plan, but I have another idea, what do you think about me sending Jon and six other people to go beyond the wall to capture a White Walker, I hope you like my idea because I already sent them.

Tyrion 8/2017: We had no time to discuss the possibilities before you ended their possibilities.

Tyrion 7/2017: Well, I guess Daenerys will have to fix that mistake and I will go back the drawing board and talk with Varys again.

Another Fine Mess You’ve Gotten Me into Tyrion (HBO)

Tyrion 8/2017: I promised him I’d keep you from doing anything impulsive.

Tyrion 7/2017: Thanks again Tyrion 2017

Thanks for indulging me, if you like discussing Game of Thrones, answer questions or add new questions in the Community of Thrones Discussion for this week:

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