Who Are Odonis Odonis?

Self Described ‘Industrial Punk Gazers’ from Canada

‘No Pop’ (2017, Felte Records)

My newest weekly playlist just came out:

I Started the list of with a great new song that I heard last week by this Canadian band Odonis Odonis.

I have been a pretty big fan of the Canadian scene for years but only recently came in contact with Odonis Odonis (Currently, my favorite Canadian band is Preoccupations).

I was not able to learn too much considering this is a band with five very different but very interesting, different, and challenging albums.

Here is what I know:

1. They are from Canada

2. They record on Felte Records

3. Their videos are AMAZING (watch closely)

Here is the video for the song ‘Check My Profile’:

And here is another video for a song from one of their earlier albums (notice the entirely different musical style):

They have also made some pretty overtly political videos as well, like this one from their last album (again a very different style)

4. They are supposedly very interested in Transhumanism, in particular the work of FM-2030 (who is now deceased). I asked them if they were into cyborgs and extropians, but they have not yet responded.

5. Their names are Dean Tzenos, Denholm Whale and Jarod Gibson

Okay, hope you enjoy the playlist!

If you are interested, I just did an interview with the singer for Odonis Odonis, you can read it here:

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