Who The H Is Hachiku

Happy to have found this strangely wonderful Aussie

Apparently, She Slays Australian Zombies

So, as I was putting together this week’s playlist, I stumbled across a gem by this singer named Hachiku that I had to include (it’s on the list if you listen).

If you want a playlist that is full of songs you recognize, that is kind of the opposite of my general intention (I love to dig for music I have never heard before or that I suspect people might not know already).

Anyway, I really enjoyed the Hachiku song, so I looked for more information. Here is a fun video for another song:

I did a little research and it turns out she has toured as an opening act for Courtney Barnett, which is wonderful all by itself (I do love me some CB). She is also signed to Courtney’s Milk Records label. Her real name is Anika Ostendorf and she lives in Australia but is from Germany by way of London (or something like that).

I guess it is no surprise, the Australian scene the last few years is about as good as it gets in my humble opinion (which by definition might actually be a humble-brag?).

And here is a link to her EP:

Anyway, Hachiku and enjoy the playlist (Always happy when a Joe Strummer song fits on a playlist!).

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