Who the H*ll is Dion Lunadon & why is Pitchfork so cynical about Kevin Morby (and life)?

Every week I put out a new playlist on Spotify featuring as much new and underappreciated music as I can fit into a 60 minutes of less format (this week’s playlist is called the “Cred Reduction Agent” playlist — I use words from the song titles to come up with the names).

Kevin Morby: City Music

In this case, however, the title serves a larger purpose. Pitchfork and I both love the new album “City Music” by Kevin Morby. I thought one of the highlights was the song “1234” but Pitchfork found it necessary to take a dig saying the world didn’t need “another Ramones tribute.” Agree to disagree.

The world can never have enough Ramones tributes, especially ones that name check both “People Who Died” while also reminding everyone that all four original members have unfortunately passed away (RIP Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, and Tommy).

So, maybe it reduces my credibility to have picked “1234” for my playlist, but I loved the entire “City Music” album and you should 100% check it out.

Dion Lunadon Self Titled

So, who the hell is Dion Lunadon?

My best answer is, Dion Lunadon is a guy who just put out one of the best albums that I have heard this year. The self-titled Dion Lunadon (2017, Agitated Records) album is a primal stomper of an album that is equal parts Cramps, Mojo Nixon, and Ty Segall.

But, if you must know more, Dion is bass player from New Zealand best known for his work with the band “A Place To Bury Strangers.” While I have “liked” much of APTBS work, I love this new solo album. Highly recommended (one of my top 5 albums of 2017 to date).

In other news, another of my favorite bands, Detroit’s Protomartyr, just announced a new album “Relatives In Descent” and this new video for the song “A Private Understanding.” If you haven’t heard their last album “The Agent Intellect (2015, Hardly Art),” I highly recommend it. I am Very excited to hear the new album in September!

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