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Yes, the words that Olenna Tyrell spoke (in this and many other episodes of Game of Thrones) were awesome, but last night’s episode betrayed what made her cool in the first place.

In my recap this week, I discuss the absurdity of Benioff and Weiss expecting us to believe that one of the most Machiavellian players in the history of the GoT universe could manage to be totally taken by surprise in her own castle (not to mention ask why her troops were at Highgarden in the first place).

Yes, it sucks that she is gone but let’s face it, this was an idiotic way for her to make her exit and the idea that she somehow won is ludicrous (even if B&W said it in the post-show recap). She lost everything, her lands will be used to pay off the Lannister debt to the Iron Bank, her family is extinct, and she didn’t even get word to Cersei about killing Joffrey (there is no way that a rational Jaime would inform Cersei, why would he after convincing Cersei to allow him to give her poison?).

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