Kudos for calling the Sansa-Arya fake out on Littlefinger.
Lon Shapiro

You covered lots of territory in that response:

  • Littlefinger betrayed himself.

I see this one as a weighted coin toss, it made less sense to me that Arya would fall for that simple nonsense.

Could it have been more complex? Did Littlefinger deserve better? Sure.

But, at least they left a trail of subtle clues for once and followed through in a way someone paying careful attention could get paid off for. Thanks for the congrats.

  • Cersei Being Cersei

Disagree on this one, was a quantum leap for Cersei. In the past, Cersei was clever but was an extremely short-term thinker mostly motivated by revenge for being slighted. This one took careful planning and lots of subterfuge in addition to tricking EVERYONE into believing that she was resisted exactly what she actually really wanted and needed.

Also, I appreciate the congrats about calling Arya’s double game, but I was much more proud of calling out exactly what Cersei was doing several weeks ago (in my recap of the Eastwatch episode I mentioned the exact play she ended up making).

  • Jon is an idiot

Yes, we totally agree on this one. What does it matter if he is the rightful king, if he is a total moron?

By the way, a few minutes ago, a story came out confirming that I was right about that speech being a Trump dig too (I am on fire lol).

  • Tyrion lost his cynicism

We totally agree on this too, and well put. All I said was that Tyrion lost Season 7 and that he needs to start getting drunk again because he was smarter when he was wasted (not entirely inconsistent with your, more elegant, point).

  • Sansa continued her slow evolution

Agree to disagree, she seems to be learning quickly now and since she learned from Cersei, Ramsay, and Littlefinger…I would say she has a PhD in douchebaggery.

  • Only in Westeros (Bran Jurisprudence)

Don’t forget that Bran is also REALLY odd (which makes it even less likely people would take him seriously). If he weren’t the rightful heir to Winterfell, people might not give his opinion much weight. But, in fairness, the leader of the Knights of the Vale really loathes Littlefinger.

  • No doubt that we would see “Cruise Ship” Jon

Sure, we agree on this. I have been calling him King Aegon the Emo myself.

Okay, good talk :)

Just left that in case someone reading this doesn’t know what was being referred to (not pushing it at you again).

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