I Think I Realized I Hate Father John Misty Last Night
Xin-rui Lee

Yup, this often happens when honest insight borne out of reflexivity becomes an ironic insider game. Still not entirely sure if FJM is playing a game creating a ICON out of his “insights” or if he really has turned into a caricature of his caricature (not sure it even matters TBH).

I particularly enjoyed your sharing of the audiences comments, although I think I probably enjoyed it for exactly the wrong reasons (Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep). Were you, in fact, feeling annoyed for the same reasons that FJM was being inauthentic in his authenticity?

The whole thing reminds me of those old “In Living Color” skits where Mr. Roger’s could get away with being terrible because nobody would believe that the real person could be dramatically different from the character on T.V.

Anyway, thanks for writing this!

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