6 Tips For Designing an Affordable Energy Efficient Home

1. Lifestyle Change: Reduce Your Energy and Water Demand Habits

So how do you reduce your demand for energy?

  • Take shorter showers. (Showers use more water than any other plumbing fixture)
  • Turn the TV off when you’re not watching it.
  • Turn lights off when you leave the room
  • Turn the heat or AC down when you leave the house
  • Close the windows/doors when the heat or AC is on.
  • Rely on natural daylight over artificial lights when possible.
  • Close off rooms (and registers in those rooms) that you don’t regularly use

2. Passive Energy Efficient Design Strategies

A Smaller Home Uses Less Energy

Consider Your Home’s Envelope Performance

Take Advantage of Free Energy and Water

3. Active Energy Efficient Design Strategies

Select Energy Efficient Equipment

Consider Life-Cycle Costs (Not Just Upfront Costs)

Optimize Lighting Systems

Efficient Water Systems

4. Consider Ways To Recover Energy

5. Consider Alternative Energy Sources

6. Control & Monitor Performance & Usage




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