Our names are Yauhen, Max & Leo and we are the Scope app team. We are from Belarus. Belarus is the country between Russia, Ukraine and Poland.

Our mission had always been to figure out how to make this world a better, more tolerable place, however many obstacles this may present. We are sick of terrorism and senseless wars, just like every sensible human being on the Earth, tired of wars that are led by governments and businesses around the world. But to understand the problem, we need to see the scale of it.

We believe that everyone should have an opportunity TO SEE WHAT’S HAPPENING AT ANY CORNER OF THE WORLD ANY TIME. Thus the idea behind Scope.

Everyone has a smartphone in the pocket, and if we unite using technology, that will enable us to move around the planet in seconds, looking in places where no journalist could get, we can make the world more transparent and manageable. Conflict in Ukraine, devastation in Syria or just a crowd that’s hanging out in your favorite pub a few blocks away, is at one´s reach.

So we believe that Scope provides a part to this solution.

Here’s how it works:

All the users of Scope are shown on the map and are able to send requests to one another. The request is to shoot 10 seconds of current panorama. Instant sneak peek. Fast and easy.

The result of this exchange may lead to a knowledge necessary to make our lives better, because those who know are not easily manipulated, since we would always be able to see and be informed.

Scope app is based on 3 simple basics:

1. User requests for content
2. Each user is anonymous
3. We don’t store anything

Our names are Yauhen, Max & Leo.
Our mission is to unite the world by making it more transparent.

if you have any questions just email us —