A cry for help! a plea for modernization

Why is the midwest stuck in the 1950s

Recently after I tried a tea with medicine in it, I started seeing totem animals. That prompted research and wonder. First, the blue heron. Then, grasshopper. Both very good signs.

The plastic bag is to environmentalists what the wire hanger is to feminists and pro-choicers.

Most recently, a plastic bag. That really, really scared me to be honest. Then I looked it up. Oh, silly, American Beauty. Not suicide. Phew!

A plastic bag is…beautiful to Hollywood. Evidence of “incredibly benevolent force,” and…a toilet, a death sentence for many innocent victims:

The plastic bag is to environmentalists what the wire hanger is to feminists and pro-choicers.

When I was living at home in Naperville, Illinois it was a game for my Mom to throw away any compost I gathered neatly.

To be honest, that was perfectly emasculating and so symbolic for me, because she has always mocked all of my positive choices as someone who cares about my own health and that of the planet.

As a child when I suffered arthritis pain I was a “hypochondriac” according to her. When I started working at a law office when I was sixteen and bought my own organic food, she acted like it was toxic waste. How ironic.

It’s been almost two years since I moved back to DuPage county and there is still nowhere I can take my compostables (I do not have a car) and starting a recycling program at La Sorella di Francesca cost me my job, though I do not regret a single day of recycling!

Big deal if the mob or Trump or big business control garbage dumps and keep DuPage businesses trash dump sites without comprehensive recycling programs — I care about the environment even if they do not.

It is pre-modern and worse than in any other epoch I am sure — the downtown areas in Naperville, West Chicago, Glen Ellyn, and presumably all other local municipalities do not recycle. I remember I went to the brand new Starbuck’s ‘Reserve in Naperville and there was a bin for recycling, which I commented on to staff, who informed me that because there is not proper recycling infrastructure they cannot recycle even if patrons do sort the recyclables correctly.

What sort of Cold War dystopia are we living in? Seriously Naperville?! You are shameful!

As I said in my Earth Day piece last year: Get with the times, Naperville! What a shameful little bourgeois place. Ugh!

Zero Waste 2020!

All recyclables are commodities that are valuable proof we don’t need to use more energy to convert petrol to plastic, that we have plenty of paper, glass, and metal to work with already.

None of it belongs in the trash.

Same goes for compost — it should be worth its weight in gold. While exploitation robs the soil of nutrients, compost would readily replenish it; and the green economy creates a lot of stable, sound jobs. As consumers, the green economy is the only set of choices that pays for itself in the long run by saving us so much money. Recycling and compost are no exception — garbage is much more costly any way you look at it.

Buzzfeed should be banned from the internet for this “stop recycling” negative IQ trash.

Now, I have four bags of recycling and nowhere to bring them because in the city of West Chicago, downtown, there is no recycling dumpster near the building where I reside. Nor am I aware of any compost facilities and I have collected organic material to compost since Thanksgiving at least.