A Letter to New York Rabbis

from a lowly goy

Dear New York Rabbis,

I am not at all surprised by your complicity and silence. What’s new? As if the breaking of the covenant were only a biblical fiction, and nothing more? That Gd’s chosen people commit crimes with impunity and cover them up too?

Do you think after several polite letters regarding iniquities, abuses, and immoral tresspasses by members of your communities that silence is an appropriate response?

Oh right, I get it, you and the members of your congregations are superior to me, because you are Jewish, and I am a lowly gentile woman.

As Elana Brody, a shining star in your community spelled out to me in correspondance, “It’s a beautiful thing to be a woman. A Protestant woman even.”

A Protestant woman even. Yes, because Jewish women are spiritually superior!

Rabbis, the shame is on your side.


yr correspondante