A Note to My Sisters

your bodies are temples

Hey Sisters,

I have been wanting to share some advice with you. In the past, I have gotten in trouble for acting “like a mom,” but no matter, I will risk it! When I was having some health problems and I couldn’t afford to go to the doctor, I started to try supplements because it was cheaper.

I tried magnesium and a supplement with a battery of herbs to help me sleep after insomnia so bad I would just lay in bed the entire night, unable to sleep even a minute.

Soon I was sleeping like a baby.

Many months later I had terrible cramps in my calves that made day to day life painful to say the least. A colleague in the school where I worked said she thought I might be magnesium deficient.

Lo and behold: I had run out of magnesium and stopped taking it.

So I went as soon as I could to pick some up and my terrible calf cramps were cured within the hour. It was uncanny!

And, many magnesium supplements are under $10. That’s a third of the price of the copay to go to the doctor.

That magnesium supplement had bacopa in it, and later I also tried another supplement supposed to help with emotional balance: fish oil omegas.

Those have helped so much with trauma, cognitive brain function. And without them, I would feel run down, and my brain would feel like it needed to be fed.

I love feeding my brain omegas, adaptogens, and other great things that post-trauma make me feel I have possession of my mind, as well as the means to cultivate its true powers.

We all become overwhelmed and sometimes suffer symptoms, I feel that adaptogens like bacopa, ashwalaghanda, and rhodiola offer immediate, side-effect free relief from anxiety, depression, and stress, allowing one to handle life’s many challenges more gracefully.

In the spring, I tried an inexpensive multivitamin made with loads of vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Index of produce with respect to antioxidant content

I noticed how much the trees extending out their leaves made the air quality change that Spring for the better.

I also remembered how peaceful I felt in nature as a child, and made a habit of seeking solitude surrounded by trees and all manner of plant growth, in celebration and communion with my plant friends.

Anyway though, I have realized that at different times in my life I have had poor nutrition.

At the age of twenty-one, I had a horrible arthritis attack that made it hard to walk.

Since, I have always had chronic pain.

I decided to do my best to supplement my body’s deficits.

So I have been experimenting with some different vitamins and plant-derived medicine.

hey check out my vitamins
my favorites are bacopa and ashwalaghanda, both used in ancient Ayurvedic medicine

So long as I ingest the plants that help with inflammation and arthritis, my chronic pain is gone! But times I have run out of vitamins, the symptoms return and persist, proving the truth of the results of my hard won life experience and empiric observations.

I crave really healthy foods and it feels like a purifying process to ingest sacred herbs.

Some people drink Mountain Dew everyday, but not me — I take in bacopa, ashwalaghanda, sprouted chia seed, holy basil, ginkgo, periwinkle, in my supplements, and my multivitamin has plant DNA and RNA, 500 mg of spirulina, pomegranate extract, flaxseed, papaya, and phytonutrient sprouts (broccoli, celery, watercress, kale, mustard and cabbage) to name a few.

Your bodies are temples.

Bring them sacred offerings daily.


-yr sister

PS I was referred to an integral medicine specialist by my primary care doctor in New York and I showed her all my supplements, worried I was overdoing it. She said my regimen was fine and gave me some more recommendations of herbs, supplements, and vitamins to try.

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