Hacking/Cyberstalking Concerns of Women and Young Girls

The Webs of Misogyny go deep.

In an age when anti-terrorism agencies use their funding and technology to target #BlackLivesMatter activists and other peaceful protestors exercising their constitutional rights, when police from ten discrete states and 24 cities close in on the sacred lands of Standing Rock, at a time when a female veteran of Iraq and elected congresswoman sponsors a bill to stop the US Government from funding terrorism, because it has been caught doing so repeatedly, as reported in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times —and not only that, but crisis after crisis we are reminded that there is an Über-misogynist-rape-apologist-cum-con-man in the White House running the show, supported by a coterie of uniformly rich white male neo-Nazis.

who can we trust? is anyone taxpayers salary even defending the rights of American citizens? who will uphold the truth and American values? are any of these US agencies we are paying into as taxpayers making us safer?

We cannot call ourselves a Liberal Democracy if we are all so heavily spied on that no one has freedom of thought anymore.

The candle of intellectual freedom cannot light our way out of trouble if it is snuffed out by such a tremendous and invasive amount of stalking, prying, and spying, on honest citizens no less.

How many US agencies have become unlawful criminal organizations not only breaking the law but violating the fundamental rights and freedoms of American citizens?

Here is a letter I wrote outlining the privacy, data, and cybersecurity questions and breaches specific to women and girls on the internet.

Dear Silicon Valley,

Amy Schumer and other phallocrats encourage women to share intimate information that could be used to ruin them at any time; as an American I am appalled by the reminder that men wearing uniform who represent our country in the armed forces participate by the thousand in a group that shares but one species of this delicate information: nude photos.

They are not the only ones, such private information is literally traded by hacker bounty for profit in an economy of pure evil.

I have always been careful never to take nor send nude photos, but I would like to call for a serious conversation on how women are the target of such undermining efforts to share and steal personal information and data.

The most scandalous aspect of these issues is that I have only ever encountered misogyny and systematic invalidation in response to raising such realistic concerns, when there is clear evidence to support their validity.

I have noticed and documented many incidents that caused me to feel concerned that I was being stalked and hacked.

Furthermore, I have made only reasonable efforts to seek and find help in order to respond accordingly to any and all threats.

But no one takes any of these threats to my own personal security, my authority over my words, and all of their implications seriously.

I have gathered more than enough evidence to grant the validity of my questions, concerns, and their relevance in today’s world.

Would you be able to refer me to anyone in the Chicagoland area who would seriously address my concerns?

I will include a basic document outlining them, as well as a link to a letter I wrote to Apple.

Please note that I am happy to provide numerous screen shots and proof to back up the truth of my statements.

Thank you for any and all help you can provide.

Kind regards,

-yr correspondante

Times have changed?