Letter to Amy’s Kitchen

re: Macaroni & Cheese

Dear Amy’s Kitchen,

I used to splurge on your Macaroni & Cheese in Chinatown and remember thinking it was so much better than any other Mac n cheese I had had anywhere else in the city! I must have broke down and got some in a deli, and another time ate some $17 Mac n cheese in a bar. Both did not hold a candle to your product!

Then I was visiting Ohio and bought three boxes of your Macaroni & Cheese, but soon found out that you had changed the cooking times. Before the changes hit it took a few more minutes to cook properly.

When I got ready to dig in to what was a delicious product before, I was rather alarmed to discover an ‘American cheese’ texture that reminded me of being forced to eat fast food sandwiches with processed cheese in my childhood.

As a child, American cheese would make me throw up.

I am always careful to specify in delis that I would like real cheese — cheddar, Swiss, muenster, mozzarella, provolone, almost any kind of cheese so long as it’s real.

To say that I was disappointed by the changes you made to your product is an understatement. My appetite was ruined and I was reminded of being force fed American cheese and the interminable gag reflex it continues to provoke.

Thank you for changing your product back to the way it was before.

yr correspondante