Morgan Given, BULLSHIT!

Today, in one of the most expensive places on Earth, New York City, I got a regular Starbucks coffee for $2.12.

And, in all 227 Starbucks locations, that price is the same, if I am not mistaken.

Yet several women violently mocked my assertion that 3 euros is too much to pay for a tall cup of regular Starbucks coffee (that’s the price in Paris locations).

Morgan Given is a law school graduate, whereas I have lived under the poverty line most of my adult life.

The $2.12 tall cup of industrial coffee I paid for this morning tastes like cat piss. There’s no way to justify selling it at $3.37 or more. It’s industrial coffee. I’ve worked in a Barnes & Noble Starbucks as a barista: you put the coffee in a filter and press a button.

There is just no way in hell anyone should be paying $3.37 for that stuff.

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