On shyness

“Let’s try. Where’s the Prick?”

“Uh, probably over bullying the Cunt around, as usual. Shall we

-from Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, by Tom Robbins

In what appears to be a burst of writing that is a first gasp of memoirs, I discovered that childhood shyness (i.e. the phenomena of becoming stymied in social situations to the point that I could not talk) figured and perhaps seemed to determine the fact of being picked on and bullied, that it’s not a coincidence and in fact that it was perhaps the reason I was chosen as a victim, because my shyness would prevent me from the possibility of reacting, and also would keep me from confronting the bully. I realized that the times as I felt so shy I could not talk as a child feel the same in quality as times when I was bullied, and that I was effectively silenced.

Two questions: do you find that in your experience and observation shy individuals are bullied disproportionately? do you think that it is an evolutionary habit of extroverts to neutralize the advantages of introverted competition*?

*(I would suggest that the differentiation between introverts and extroverts is evolutionary and profoundly bound up with intellectual development as it relates to individuation, societal advancement, and all questions as they relate to genius and artistic, scientific, theosophical, achievement and so on)