the sad reality

Recently I have realized how some survivors of sexual violence and those who suffer PTSD become homeless: they are persecuted, scapegoated, passed off, abused, abandoned, and damaged beyond coping.

Persecution is when people punish you instead of the persons who have abused you.

Persecution is when people drop, ignore, and abandon you because they only care about their own gains and self-interest.

Persecution is the process of mental mutilation inflicted by narcissists consolidating their parasitic egos, narcissists who will virtuosically go to any length to hide abuse in order to cover their own precious behinds.

Persecution is the collective projection of guilt onto victims.

Persecution is self-proclaimed social justice activists and feminists neutralizing your perspective, openly bullying you in public or silently complicit in abuse, pathologizing you, and actually considering themselves above you.

Persecution is the black community thinking that if a white woman is raped it is not a problem.

Persecution is the face of misogyny: a total denial of the struggles that so many women are up against.

Persecution enables abusers to get away with their heinous crimes.

Persecution is being passed off endlessly and played for a fool.

Persecution happens when the emotional costs of the violence you have suffered are constantly capitalized on you and on you alone; you constantly face the hard truth of this as everyone else revels in their sense of superiority and need to blow you off and treat you like a pest.

Persecution means being constantly penalized for the mistakes of those around you.

Persecution is people claiming to help you who actually ruin your life and cause irrevocable harm.

Persecution is people sitting and watching so much completely preventable, unnecessary violence.

Persecution is when money is god and the moral system has been replaced by perversion.

Persecution is the cruelty of people who lack a conscience, who deny the fundamental difference between right and wrong.

Persecution is when evil is accepted as the norm.

Persecution is when everyone around you claims that the violence that has been done to you is a mental health issue and not a moral one, proving that they are both 100% complicit in the abuse and actively enabling it.

Persecution is total abandon.

Persecution is people claiming there is something wrong with you in order to justify their unconscionable lack of compassion.

Persecution happens when NO ONE EVER LISTENS TO YOU.