Reparations Now!

I demand the following institutions and individuals pay me the money owed immediately, in the interest of avoiding further publicity and legal confrontation.

I spent 2015–16 working my ass off and in three years of living and working in France never once went on vacation (unlike all the other English teachers I knew who were vacationing nonstop, not to mention everyone French who vacationed like it was going out of style).

In 2013 I made the expensive decision to save a kitten from starvation — at five months, she was the size of a three month old kitten — to pay for her food and cat litter, vet visits including her sterilization, but otherwise lived modestly.

I almost never went out and when I did, ordered just one or two drinks. My biggest expenses were food, transportation, and postage. I made a point to stop using credit cards and pay them down, which I did religiously. That is until the French bureaucracy withheld thousands of euros owed to me and I was forced to use a credit card after paying them off for months.

I kept my receipts, and have proof of all of this.

The individuals in question, the “professionals” who never once displayed any professionalism whatsoever, should certainly be punished for their negligence, the violent bullying and the grosses fautes for which they are abundantly guilty, for the criminal arrogance, the racism, the hatred (misogynist, zenophobic, misanthropic) they have expressed so obscenely and egregiously.

Anyone in a vulnerable economic situation can be exploited and abused, ad absurdum.

BNP Paribas: I wish to be refunded fraudulent fees charged — fees not mentioned to me by the conseillier I opened the account with, charges not to be found in the contract signed by the conseillier and myself or the accompanying materials (I HAVE PROOF) — for the fact that I could not make bank transfers online within the European Union (transfers were that my right, with the esprit libre plan), for the hours, days, weeks, months, and years I spent attempting to correct such egregious faults, for further efforts to cover up the illegal activities of the bankers guilty for these wrongs and inconveniences; for crippling me financially during the year 2015–16.

I wish to be paid damages for the fraudulent and egregious faults of BNP Paribas.

Acadomia: I demand to be paid a reasonable proportion of the value of my English lessons, with interest. When I worked for Acadomia, when I subtracted transportation costs, I often pocketed 5 euros or less, when Acadomia took in 36 euros in revenue for just an hour of my work, plus tranportation, which often took an additional two hours of my time.

Fabienne Octobre and Michel Amathieu: pay for overtime (hours worked over the weekly limits imposed by French law) for November 2014, December 2014, and any other time period I was not paid overtime. Reimbursement for all food I was forced to purchase because I was pressured by Fabienne Octobre to not eat at all, when I was never taken into account in grocery shopping, and pressured to buy my own food. Pay me for the last week in which I was bullied systematically, threatened, and blackmailed, a week I worked but was not paid for my work.

These people are abusive, compulsive liars who systematically broke the social contract. They consider themselves above the law.

Laws broken: daily and weekly hourly work limits (proof of this in the contract itself), no pay for overtime, food is part of compensation under French law, flagrant harcèlement morale and a pack of lies that continued even after I removed myself from such an abusive, lawless situation. Countless human rights violations.

Amina Biskri: she bullied, harassed, and fired me, ultimately violating a past arrangement I have written proof of. I demand to be paid for my work, for the week long trial period of my time taken by my agreement with Amina Biskri, who cheated me out of a week’s worth of pay as an au pair.

Alena and Patrice Longour: I demand to be paid for hours of research and translations I completed during my time off.

Céline Obadia: she claimed “she wanted to help someone who needed it,” and that “she didn’t need the money,” and when I arrived in France without a penny offered to work out a living arrangement with me through a list called Efigies that brings together students, scholars, and researchers interested in gender studies. Céline is none of those things: she is a golf exec who wanted to exploit me and make a couple thousand euros without any effort. When I asked Céline to draw up a contract with me, she refused, claiming she had more to lose than I did. She had also offered to lower rent to get me to stay then reneged. “I want my money and I want it now,” Céline wrote, as if she were a con man in a cliché film about white collar crime. She wanted a full month’s rent weeks ahead of time and she had already started emptying out the apartment. She wanted me to pay her full rent for an empty apartment, when that definitely wasn’t feasible for me. I left before the month was over for the time I had paid rent for and soon enough Céline was extensively harassing and attempting to blackmail me, with loads and loads and loads of BS: emails, texts, constant harassment causing extensive trauma to my person.

Please send her to prison, she is a criminal and has no business belonging to any student solidarity group. She is a classic example of perverted Levallois-Perret cronies and their twisted politics. Disgusting.

Please France.

CAF: I demand to be reimbursed the amount that corresponds to my rights to the CAF, as outlined at the October 1, 2015 orientation.

URSSAF: I demand to be reimbursed the amount of 215 euros that has been owed since December 2015, when I first went to the “Nord” location to do the appropriate paperwork and a file was made to reimburse me, followed by several other subsequent trips on my part to the “Sud” location, phone calls I made, and hours of my time that was wasted.

Paris Aide aux Victimes, BAPU, Paris Rectorat, Femmes Solidaires, Ni Putes Ni Soumises, Voix de Femmes, CIDFF, Efigies, Assistants Sociaux (Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelles, CROUS, Hôpital Saint-Louis, Rectorat de Paris): I would like to be compensated for damages because all of these organizations and more ignored my requests for help, for therapy, and thus are guilty of criminal levels of negligence as well as complicity in serious crimes.

I was denied therapy despite reaching out to so many organizations that supposedly help women, and abuse continued. I would like all of these orgnaizations to be held accountable for their unacceptable negligence. In some cases I am sure the reasons I was denied care involve deep-seated misogyny and prejudice toward foreign women, both of which implicate hate crimes. Both inciting racial hatred and the violence that I experienced as a result of being denied needed care.

Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3: I went to see the social worker and she mocked me, claiming that if I hadn’t paid tuition, she couldn’t help me. I paid tuition and exceeded the debt limit on my bank account, incurring even more fees & debt. I paid tuition and was NEVER PERMITTED TO REGISTER FOR CLASSES.

I demand a reimbusement of tuition. IMMEDIATELY.

Education Nationale: I demand to be paid more than minimum wage for the intensive language course I taught with flying colors— we were all asked to spend as much time planning the course as teaching it, which means we were paid at the rate of 8 euros an hour to teach a classroom full of high schoolers and college students — such pay is piss poor (I made more money tutoring a single student at 30 euros an hour) and adds insult to injury — I waited five full months to be paid for the intensive language course I taught in February 2016, which more than exacerbated financial difficulties.

I would also like to be paid damages for mistakes and faults made by employees of the URSSAF, CAF, Rectorat de Paris, Paris 3, etc etc etc.

I did my job and they did not.

In addition, I hope that the criminals responsible for the above crimes will go to prison, because they broke both French and international laws.

Note: This list is non-exhaustive.