Things people say to me…


I am so tired of liars, charlatans, and fools.

“To be honest, I did not express interest to see you. I dont know if this is a joke, excuse me if I dont understand your sense of humor, or youre actually seriously. 
I just didnt understand your need to post all your so called accomplishments on this event page. You can use your words instead of posting links to what youve been doing with your life. 
Ive looked at your facebook. You seriously havent changed from high school but have definately become stranger and needy. You feed on attention and like to respond in odd ways.
Its not a difficult decision, dont lie. You cant afford the $50 because you cant afford the plane ticket. Ive seen the GoFundMe page you set up. Youve made poor choices in your life, and you want to joke about it to make yourself feel better.
The number of times I wanted to tell you off in high school because I absolutely could not stand you as a person, your personality or that you actually thought you were better than everyone because you were in “gifted classes.”
So Ill say it now. Please shut the fuck up, no one cares.
Ashley, the girl who doesnt give a fuck about reunions. I am who I am. Im happy with my life and dont need to prove myself to everyone I went to school with regarding what Ive done these past 10 years. Rant over.”

“I worry that you’re going to end up a bag lady.”

“nothing will change until you make the effort to get therapy” and “I can’t save you”

“I think you should be institutionalized if you don’t [do exactly what I want you to]”

“do you think i’ve ever been to france?”

“Where do women get raped?! Answer me this!”

“You give the impression that you’re not serious”
-Élodie Marest

“Feminist swill”
-James Whelan

“Are you in therapy, sweetie? You sound like you have severe post trauma.”
“If I were in your position — having experienced years of acute abuse and trauma, including housing instability and barriers to finding work — I would want to seek long-term, intensive mental health care. It is not because I think you aren’t thinking clearly or acting rationally. I think you are responding exactly how a trauma victim responds to extended abuse.”
“Though both are valuable, therapy is different from psychiatric care, and I have pointed you towards free resources in that regard…You see persecution in every interaction, ill intent in every engagement. Your paranoia has recently hit new heights. None of this is normal. You’re not well. I can’t help you where you’re at right now. A doctor can. I can’t make you seek care — you need to make that choice on your own. But Jordyn, if I didn’t care, I wouldn’t say anything at all. Please get help.”

“you have burned every bridge in the family begging for money never holding a job down for more than a week due to your feminazism, I am constantly employed and buried in bills i literally have spent my check on them by the time i get it. The folks have bailed you out time and time again. I’m sad to read your vitriolic shit once again.”

“I am literally your worst adversary probably. I dont have any degrees but tens of thousands of dollars of debt from trying. I work hard skilled labor jobs for around 30000 a year slave status.I dont get shit fuckin break to dick around on fb or in france on someone else’s dime. you got your multiple liberal arts degrees no? You were privileged enough to complete the high level educations i couldnt. shut the fuck up about mcdonalds and get ur ass into congress like your former shoolmates dipshit”

“…stop asking for help and do it on your own! Good luck!”

“why do you think it’s ok to stay with people?”

“Jordyn, your posts have become increasingly erratic and alarmist, unhinged from the reality around you. You’re leaving yelp reviews calling yourself victimized and assaulted over things like a $5 bill you had to pay. Making paranoid claims about having your computer hacked because “some guys are creepy.” You call yourself a champion for women everywhere and those who are victimized, but you seem more concerned with trying to tie every conceivable circumstance of your day into an excuse to tell everyone how victimized you’ve been personally…”

“Jordyn, you’re welcome to unfriend me if you find this inappropriate. You aren’t a victim, your family isn’t conspiring against you. You are lucky to have a family at all. Navigating the world as a female is extremely difficult. A majority of women have or will experience some form of sexual assault/and abuse in their lifetimes. This is a fact worth acknowledging & fighting to resolve. I’m worried for you… protection against the aforementioned abuses both sexual & non isn’t accomplished by accusation & argument alone. You can choose how you are effected by other peoples negativity. Or you can allow yourself to crumble under the various pressures of the world. Fair wage isn’t inherent to existence. Food is expensive when you choose to live in the most expensive city in the world. Regardless of what “horrors” people, governments, god or nature inflict on you… someone currently has it much, much worse. As an observer (which is strange considering this seems very personal) your accusations of narcissism seem hypocritical. I want you to get help. I think you should find a place to heal. NYC is not that place. You will never have access to the resources you need here. Please consider abstaining from social media for a period of time, returning to a place where you aren’t fiscally responsible for yourself & healing. You are so incredibly lucky to have a lifeline, even if they aren’t capable/ willing to enable an ideal lifestyle, they exist for you & that is a privilege.”

“It’s a selfish world”

“Stop being the victim of society”

“…your candidness about your traumas let’s them write you off or typify you as a type of woman — martyr, girl who cried wolf, ‘crazy’ in the terrible masculine vocab. And so they don’t want anything to do with that type of person. Unless they’re men, who just want to have sex and jerk around women they perceive like that.”


“Get help”

“dead beat”

“this is becoming very unsettling, from a psychological perspective”

“Je ne peux pas vous aider (I can’t help you)” or “You don’t exist [unless you pay money…]”
-Caroline Anne gestionnaire of TAPIF in Paris; social workers and others
Someone whose job it is to help claiming they can’t is in fact an insult

-Julie Couplez
despite the fact that I am one of the least aggressive persons on earth, and one of the shyest, French feminists hurled this one on me without any explanation or proof

“Way to take maximum advantage of female privilege and slap a guy during conversation. The entitlement to physical violence is repulsive.”
-Zachary Vorhies, in response to the one and only time I have ever slapped a guy without being asked to (he was making absurd sexist generalizations, and deserved a slap)

“Prenez soin de vous et ne soyez pas méchante, s’il vous plaît. Je ne le suis pas et n’aime pas l’être.”

Insults specifically in response to my efforts to implement a recycling program in a Paris dorm

“Zinzin” “Putain de merde” “Conne”
-the gamut of serious French insults

“Va jouer les femens autre part et arrête de pleurnicher stp (go elsewhere with FEMEN and stop crying please)”
-Andrea Rognon

“j’aurais foutu mon poing dans ta gueule (I would have fucked up your face with my fist).” and “C’est pas une menace c’est une promesse (it’s not a threat it’s a promise).”
-Jennifer Pozzo

“Réveille toi Jordyn! J ne suis pas ton père pour te faire la leçon mais ouvre les yeux! Avant que tu partes tu dois comprendre!
Comprendre que tu fou la merde de partout. Et qu’au final:
Les habits sont à l poubelle, les résidents n’aiment pas ce que tu fais et que tu as insulté des gens!!
C’est grave d’insulter de gens! C’est mal! Ça ne se fait pas en France!” “It’s serious to insult people. That is not done in France.” and “une des residences de pitié n’ont pas de porte d’entrée (cassée), des dealers de drogues qui squattent .. Une autre résidence on des murs pourris avec des champignons dans les chambres, Dans une autre résidence il y avait 2 terroristes et du trafic d’arme…”
 “one of the worst student dorms [in Paris] doesn’t have a front door (it’s broken), there are drug dealers using it as a squat..Another residence has rotten walls with mushrooms growing in the rooms, In another student dorm there were two terrorists and gun sales…”

-Cyprien N’tsaï

These words are from a person paid to represent students in the dorm where I lived, the student representative. I never insulted any person: I only said it was ridiculous not to recycle in a university dorm when France literally hosted the largest environmental conference in history, and it is ridiculous, in fact, I stand by my assertion.

More from other residents of the student dorm:
“It’s not about that who speaks, but what he/she says. If you speak illogical things nobody will listen you no metter which gender you are or how important you are. And here the thing is not that you are woman, but that your attitude is not appropirate. And instead of answering directly and facing with reality and your actions, you are turning the tables on us.”“You also stop with your smears and insults toward others. Stop writing just to write. Even in your cover photo , you sleep on carbage. Isnt it true ? Why your photo isnt taken down?, good luck with your carbages.”
“Jordyn Pfalzgraf, I have an impression that you seek for attention and leadership here in the group, and not really only for recycling, because you are terrorizing us with your non-stop commenting, sharing personal life and insulting others. I come here to find useful, short news, not to read your timeline of shopping.
People are putting garbage and skin of banana (dangerous) in corridor, what kind of recycling you expect then and you attack everybody who says something different than your opinion.”
-Jovana Filipović

“I agree with Jovana Filipović, we dont have to see your arrogant and agressive comments. Jordyn Pfalzgraf Who are you to speak in a such way with people ? You can sleep in rubbish can if you like so much your beloved rubbish. ;)”
-Alper Aslan

“Va jouer les femens autre part et arrête de pleurnicher stp (go elsewhere with FEMEN and stop crying please)”
-Andrea Rognon

For the record, I never joined FEMEN, or did any actions with them, nor was I present at any of their meetings, and did not ever know anyone from FEMEN, even though I interacted with feminists of many stripes, and was part of La Barbe for a few years.

Andrea’s comment thus egregiously attempts to shame, smear, and neutralize the validity of my activism through pejorative references to a feminist collective I was never even a part of.

Adrea’s comment is emblematic of misogyny: he is conflating the highly specific FEMEN group with feminism as a whole, and exploiting such prejudice against feminisms — and women — wholesale in order to try to silence me.
Here I am at the Espace tri (recycling center) at Porte de la Chapelle, with more than 9 bags of recycling on Earth day in 2016. Residents of the university dorm attempted to shame and smear me by claiming I was “sleeping with trash” in reaction to my photos of visits to the local recycling center.

Let’s not forget the French Con Jobs

Le mensonge (lies, lies, and more lies, the preferred weapon of insincere French LIARS, charlatans, and hypocrites)
Believe it or not Fabienne Octobre actually wrote out four pages of lies after I refused to be complcit in evil when I worked as an au pair (economic abuse, good cop/bad cop, blackmail, scare tactics, threats, and constant bullying where I was never even permitted to speak on an equal ground, only forced into submission through intimidation).

Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré called me drunk and repeated over and over how “sick” she is (she is very public about identifying as “mentally ill” and flaunts her personality disorder diagnosis like a social badge). Even after I told her several times I was tired and had neither the training nor emotional wherewhithal to talk her out of suicide, she called me a few times in the middle of the night, at 2am or 3am.

Then, in her typical style, she went on a character assassination campaign, while I was passed out completely exhausted from her attention whoredom. While her Facebook friend, I noticed that the species of character assassination she enacted on me is in fact a habitual, predatory behavior, one that she apologizes for constantly under the veil of her “personality disorder”.

Here is what she posted on my wall while I was sleeping,

Just now · Reason *)(%& why Facebook is bad for me: I had a “friend” I met on here years ago. She added me. She seemed my type of person: an artist. Changing tense — Years are passing and she starts crying for help, she starts tagging me in situations where she says she’s been r*ped, mistreated, abused, etc. Starts e-mailing me about these situations. I was worried about her all. the. time. (I actually have been r*ped, mistreated, abused, so…) I finally called her because I wanted to know if she was OK because she recently left yet another situation that she said was horrible. We had a long conversation, and then…she started laughing. And then…she started telling me that everything she writes is “satire.” … fucking satire, fucking making hundreds of people online worried sick about her…was satire. The only joke that came out of this was her. And I tell her I’m going to block her and she tells me I shouldn’t because I’m brilliant, etc. etc. NO I’m NOT brilliant if you were able to pull this over on me. What I actually *am* is deeply sad. Thanks.

For the record I never laughed at her, and I told her several times that I never would. And, some of my writing is satirical and some of it is not. Maybe my writing or readers are not good enough so that that’s clear, but satire is a very serious way of approaching all kinds of evil, and I stand by that it is the most powerful way to effect social change, by bringing people to your side with laughter.

Even after Nicole’s over the top manipulative, exploitative, and predatory behavior, I still contacted every single mutual friend to make sure she was ok.

“beggars can’t be choosers”
-Sarah Parker

“…less description, more prescription aight? #FuckHumanities #GoSTEM”
-Ezra Delke

“Nobody likes an angry woman. Ingrained misogyny plays a huge role in deciding whats appropriate or not.”
-Camilla de Cabanillas in Assistants de langue en France 2015–16.

“It’s a beautiful thing to be a woman. A Protestant woman even.”
-Elana Brody