The Color Run

I haven’t been able to afford makeup for years and I went to the Sephora run on invitation by my only friends in France.

It cost 37 euros, which is more than I have spent on one thing besides transportation since the cost of Winter Solstice postage. In other words, for me that’s a lot of money. Often enough I spend less on groceries for an entire week.

We were all given one of those bags with the rope straps trendy in high school. It had a face mask, a white sweat band, some tattoos, and a tacky baseball cap. Also sunglasses, which were necessary in order to not go blind during the commotion of being covered in flour and cornstarch.

Things that cost less than 3 euros to make in China.
Things that cost less than 3 euros to make in China.

I checked the baseball cap, it was made in China. But I’m sure Sephora pays its sweat shop workers well…

Anyway, I ran the 5k and got pelted with colored flour, and looking all around after the spectacle of it, I even delighted in the beautiful patterns that had splayed themselves across faces and the white wares provided by Sephora & Co. It reminded me of the Festival of Colour, Holi, in India, which is a real spiritual thing, and not just a corporate spectacle.

Holi Festival of Colour in India. White people always get everything wrong.

Maybe I am just too old for this shit, or too poor. But I was there, right? Ok fine I wouldn’t be whingeing if the thing had cost less than 20 quid. Jesus Christ.

The flash of an image that stays with me is an Asian woman in a brown overcoat I had seen during the run wearing her white sweatband like a garter.

She still had it on with her running shorts, and its provocativeness I endorse.

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