Things I do not like

remember the opening scene of the film Amélie?

  • people grabbing my butt (except my grandma could maybe get away with it)
  • the desacrilization of women, including myself
  • bourgeois consumerism: people buying all kinds of silly stuff they don’t need (example: Keurig, Nescafé, those chemistry beakers people use to make coffee in — guys all you need is a pour over or a French press or a Moka pot, all the other bourgeois fancy as shit bullshit is really not necessary, PROMISE)
  • thinking about how much better the world would be if people were not buying so many iPads and ancillary bourgeois accessories that don’t have utility, only surplus consumer appeal, which in my world translates as “consumer fad shock value”:
  • that the egotism and psychotic detachment encouraged by the market economy mean that so many people are asshats and assholes and not even self-aware about it, in light of the fact there are 3 billion people on earth living in poverty
  • how obscenely assholish so many are
  • feeling exasperated at how sick and bourgeois so many people are
  • cheap handsoap
  • milk chocolate
  • guys expecting sex to be like porn, or not knowing women are also supposed to have orgasms during sex
  • and, parallel, guys who think it’s all about them
  • guys who whore then claim the girl’s a whore
  • guys who fool and claim it’s the girl who isn’t serious
  • all the people who suffer from ressentiment
  • how the world is created with the convenience of the rich in mind
  • the demoralization of the economy: the rich are rewarded and the poor are punished, and so on
  • perversion (people deriving pleasure from doing harm, wrong, evil) in all its forms
  • the obscene perversity of the world economy
  • sex offenders
  • rich, ignorant ppl
  • evil
  • processed cheese (American, liquid cheese and so on)
  • being forced, coerced, or denied agency
  • ingedients that are not Whole Foods, essential oils, or naturally good on food and beauty product labels
  • the rogue male as the spiritual fulcrum of all the arts
  • rape culture
  • the way that women are set up to lose, and the language games that enable their undoing
  • all of the misogyny I have been forced to internalize, and
  • that so often women do the work of the patriarchy by enforcing the demands it places on women
  • ppl pretending to be dumb in order to avoid doing the right thing
  • when people bully me or act like I am dumb
  • the apathy, immorality, arrogance, carelessness and unfettered foolishness of so many
  • anti-intellectualism
  • people making flash judgements that are inaccurate but costly
  • women getting mad at me because I like to eat and they have been convinced by others they should starve themselves
  • trickle down psychopathy because it’s really done a number on my family and friends.

To be followed by a list of things I like.

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