Things I like

remember the opening scene of the film Amélie?

  • the liberatory feeling of brass
  • emotional communion
  • when people do my hair
  • cheese
  • not compromising my integrity or my values, modeling and encouraging others to
  • live as free as possible
  • self-sacrifice for the benefit of others, to give them what I did not have
  • resisting evil, not looking the other way
  • the Dike goddess myth (Virgo which happens to be my sign)
  • doing good and people doing good
  • Empathy, in all its different forms and divinations
  • midwestern polite competitions
  • soap that makes my hands feel and smell nice
  • taking people to college
  • bacopa
  • food for my brain, feeding my brain
  • love
  • Justice for all
  • eating well
  • affordable living
  • aesthetic pleasure:
  • example: the song L’Ultima Canzone by Alex Rossi
  • the state of not being complicit in evil
  • guys who affirm women, their choices, self-determination, and intelligence
  • all kinds of pleasure not derived from perversion, and orgasms:
  • quality over quantity
  • women who treat other women as peers and not as competition to degrade, destroy, defeat through whatever means necessary
  • best quality/price relations, affordable to all
  • people who don’t lie to themselves or to others
  • thinking hard
  • the report cards I made for people when I was 5 yo
  • laughing to strengthen my abdominals
  • and that time I ran out of pants because I peed my pants laughing so many times
  • the power of the truth, the excitement of it
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